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9 Signs you're Obsessed with Christmas

December 12, 2018


Chris Carroll DEC 12, 2018 1. You spend hours researching wrapping paper ideas Although you revel in the research around what colour scheme to do your wrapping paper in each year, you’re beyond that now. You’ve graduated to making your own wrapping paper, cards and prints. Why? Because store-bought paper is for rookies.   2. […]

What is it about Kmart Stores that gets Everyone Excited?

October 9, 2018

Home Decor

Colleen Hawkes OCT 9, 2018   There’s something about Kmart that just ticks all the boxes for a lot of people. How else do you explain the long queues (and we are talking round the block) of people waiting for a new store to open? The shoppers all say the same thing: Kmart has “awesome […]

Kitchen Storage Solutions

August 20, 2018

Home Decor

Erin Morris AUG 20, 2018 To help get your kitchen looking as neat as possible (both inside and outside of the cupboards), we chatted to Mint Kitchen Group’s designer, Rath Tat, for her kitchen storage ideas, and kitchen storage hacks. 1. Embrace open-shelving We know this sounds a little controversial (especially because kitchen cupboard storage […]

How to Style your Home for Sale

March 5, 2018

Home Decor

MAR 5, 2018   You’ve decided to sell your place – and now you’re ready to throw yourself into fix-up mode to get it ready for market. Here are eight home-staging tricks you can use to get your house looking sharp – although they might make it look so good you no longer want to. 1. Real […]